The World Bank authored and published a Flow to communicate the challenges and progress that has been made around Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7): Electricity Access. With just 10 years left to reach the SDG 7 by 2030, global efforts must be redoubled, particularly in Africa, or the world will fall short of ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable, and modern energy.

Using Flow with a voice narration, users can explore the data in three dimensions from their phone, laptop, or VR headset. Ben Erwin, an XR Technologist, was one of the first to jump into a VR headset to explore the content. See his in-headset video recording and reaction by clicking here. Additionally, view the Flow on the World Bank site by clicking here.

We are excited to see customers like The World Bank author and publish their own data stories using Flow. Reach out and we can explore how to empower you and your organization to collaborate around data.