Flow is compatible with WebAR on phones!

View of life expectancy data on Android Chrome.

On Android, Chrome v83 has WebAR built in natively, and on iOS, the free Mozilla XR Viewer (or WebXR Viewer) provides the same functionality.

AR works best if you have a bit of room to walk around, and generally the content will be placed in the middle of the room so it doesn’t get lost behind walls, etc. Content is usually about 2 meters (6 feet) wide/deep, and 1 meter high (3 feet).

We have found the best experience is to get people out of their chairs and walk around the content, leaning in and exploring.

Enable Phone AR within the Flow Editor

An authoring step is necessary to have a Flow enabled for mobile AR. First, if you are a Flow author, then in the Flow Editor you will want to set the “Enable Phone AR” checkbox, found in the “…” menu – > “Settings”.

View on Android Chrome

On Android Chrome, just open up the Flow either from a ‘view’ link, the Flow list at a.flow.gl, or a meeting ‘invite’ link.

For iOS (iPhone or iPad), use Mozilla XR Viewer

On iPhones, Augmented Reality isn’t yet provided in Safari or Chome, but it works well in the free Mozilla XR Viewer (or WebXR Viewer). In the App Store, install the “XR Viewer” app, and note that after it is installed it appears on the phone as “WebXR Viewer”.

Copy-paste the link you have received into the URL bar.

Enter AR mode

After selecting the “AR” button in the upper right, accept the permission dialog boxes.

Keep moving the phone around so the system can detect a floor or table upon which to place the content.

Once a floor or table is detected, tap anywhere to place the content.

If you would like to place the content elsewhere, select the “Recenter” button, and re-do the above steps.

Multiuser in the same room

If multiple people are in the same room, when recentering, have each person locate on the same place on the floor or table, facing the same direction. This will place the content in roughly the same place so that the content appears the same for everyone.

What if I don’t see the AR button?

Either you are not using one of the browsers indicated above (Chrome on Android or iOS WebXR Viewer), or the Flow has not been authored for Mobile AR. Have the author enable phone AR (see above).

Is this ready for the big time?

We appreciate that these are still cutting edge browser implementations, especially the iOS browser. We find that if there are glitches, a browser refresh solves it consistently. We are working to improve the Mozilla iOS experience.

If you have a specific project focused on iOS devices, contact us, as we can license additional 3rd party tools that can improve the reliability further.