Visualization for actionable insights

Persuade through data storytelling

Data does not speak for itself, it needs a storyteller! 

You’ve got an insight, and you need buy-in from a customer, a manager, or your team.

How do you share it with power and credibility?

Visualization for actionable insights

Flow Spaces transform in-person meetings

Transform in-person meetings with Flow Spaces using large-screen systems or spatial computing AR devices such as the Magic Leap One.

Conversational data stories create high trust, credibility, and engagement.

Just like SciFi movies, information floats above the conference room table.

SciFi comes to life

Flow Stories share your message anywhere, anytime

Share data stories anywhere on the web: scrolling stories on mobile, shared flat-screen step-by-step narratives.

Engage your audience with deep mastery and control using a simple scroll.

SciFi comes to life

The Flow Editor builds your data story

On the web, create once, display everywhere (laptop, mobile, AR headsets, and VR).

The Flow Editor is your self-serve data presentation tool.  Get started here. Contact us for pricing, training, and customizations.

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