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Collaborate from anywhere in the world around data visualizations.
Create presentations and conduct remote or in-person meetings, on the web, across any device, including laptops, phones, and in augmented reality.

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SciFi comes to life

We work with you to create data story templates, which you can update for tomorrow’s meeting.

We work with your organization to build customized templates and data integration to optimize ease-of-adoption throughout your organization.

Flow fits easily into your critical meetings, whether to persuade with data stories, or engage over complex policy decisions.
Visualization for actionable insights

No matter what the device, create a shared mental model

A possible usage scenario of our patented environment:

  • A high-resolution big screen displays your data viz and diagrams.
  • Some viewers experience the content floating over a conference room table with MagicLeap AR headsets
  • Remote users join them using their laptop
  • Your boss is at the airport, and joins in from his mobile device
  • A remote office has a Oculus Quest VR headset, and joins into the spatial experience.
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